Will Google tell when we will die?(!)

Time Google

At the beginning

“Google Now” arised as a joke; not really trusted, and accepted like a simply advice.


The traffic forsecast that automagically comes into phones are (almost) always correct;
if I read “Your estimated time arrival is 20.45” I have (very) high probability to arrive at 20.45 and I ‘m not surprised because I know that Google “Got it!“.

The future?

If you keep in mind that:
– All new device linked to people, are in some way connected to the network; Watch with pulse, Balance with weight and Biomedical device in general
– Handle billions of data is not a problem; BigData, MapReduce, Hadoop are trend topic
– Data share is simply normality and every kind of data are available from lot of source, including data that user himself provide.

Probably someday someone will hear a notification sound and will read  “Your estimated time to live is 15 days”.

Will you trust it?

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