Ios vs android

What’s the best? Has this answer a right response? Probably no, because it’a all in user perspective!

Take two examples:

1) My wife

2) My daughter;

I have an Android, my wife have an Iphone, my daughter is 6 hasn’t phone


My Wife POV: (my wife is completetly no-tech girl)

“I don’t understand you phone! your phone (speaking to me) is incomprehensible, is impossible to understand where are the things. What are the big square (widget) with some stuff into? Why the screen become strange (adding a widget) and is impossible to use it? Iphone (IOS) is the best and no one can contradict this.”

My Daughter POV:

“Dad, your phone is funny. I can add a lot of things over the screen and I can also hide what is not interesting. Mum’s phone is too simple because in a couple of minutes I can’t discover no more things……”




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